changing seasons

I can't believe how quickly time is racing past, and the time between blog posts seems to be getting longer and longer, and as it gets colder it gets harder, purely because my 'office' has no working heating in, and most days my hands are numb with cold and i have 5 layers on!!

I often think about creating a quick post just to keep in touch, but without having any photos to show you it doesn't seem right. That is the whole purpose of a photography blog right?
So since September I have had a lovely Autumn wedding, swiftly followed the next day by a band promo shoot for a group called Nota Bene. We had the shoot in a lovely location called South Hill Park in Bracknell. I didnt know about the venue but it is really lovely, and hope to find another reason to have another shoot there in the not too distant future. It would make beautiful wedding venue.
The shoot itself was in the wood panelled Recital room. It was a bit of a challenging shoot, as it was booked for late afternoon, and the evenings were already drawing in. Due to all the wood panelling in the room, there was not much light in the room and not many surfaces to bounce light off, and the wood created a strong colour cast in the photos. By the time the shoot was done it was dark outside and my poor flash was on its knees! I had hoped to bring my old studio light with me, but after having gone to a shop to get further advise about getting new cables for it, I was told that if i plugged the light into my camera it was fry my camera!!!! Due to the lights being made for film cameras which is what I started out on, the power of the lights were never an issue as there were no electronics to worry about. I felt shocked and a little shaky at the prospect of what could have happened if I hadnt gone to the shop first, and just plugged it straight into my camera for a test! 
Anyway I digress. 
The band seemed pleased with the shots, and have ordered extra shots for their album promotion.

Below are some of the pictures from the day.

I have also been out with my camera when it has been nice in time to catch the fungus before it got too grim and they all died away.  I was particularly lucky as we spotted a couple of lovely ones, and by luck they were growing on a mossy ridge so i could comfortably get down below them, and get some really interesting angles.
Also while out on the same walk came across a 'bug' which looked like some sort of caterpillar but had the head of a grub or larvae. I had my new macro lens with me, but no tripod, and just a mono-pod. so trying to hold still enough to get him was a very difficult task and only 2-3 of the 15 I took came out totally successfully, due to the small focal range I was working with.
I will get these up on Sunday, with hopefully some pics from the wedding that I am off to tomorrow.
Hope you all have a great start to your weekends.