About Me

July 2013 - Asmartartz Photography closed it's doors

For anyone that does not follow me on my other pages, there have been some major changes over the summer. 

After a lot of hard thinking and delving deep I have decided to close down my photography website and business. 

it is a mixture of things that have brought me to this decision, including the current economic climate, the large amount of upheaval I have been experiencing in my personal life over the last few years, and the need to re-focus and re-direct where i want my photography and my energies to be going.

I have plans in the pipeline and some of them are quietly bubbling along in the background, and others which excite me greatly and could change the way i do business require lots more work, a great ton of dosh (which I dont have) and a crap-load of courage.

I have decided that while the other things are still in the background, and the website is now gone, I can still use this as a good place to blog about life, and inspiration and post photos that I have taken. If you are interested to see what ramblings spill out of this mind of confusion, then by all means please stick around and enjoy the show. I am still on Facebook, very occasional pop into Twitter so say hi if you want to.