Hi there!

I was just reading through some of the blogs that inspire me, and help keep me motivated, when one of the articles made me stop and think. It is by the amazing and talented, and beautifully honest Alex Beadon, and she was talking about how to make your social media experience really scream, who you are, your personality and what your photography is about.

hmmmmm I thought, and after a quick check on my website later I have realised that it is a bit lacking now of personality, and although I have strived to make it colourful, and give a bit about me, it is not really how I want it to be.

Actually looking at it again it seems a bit formal, and anyone that knows me know that is not me! Also it is not fun enough (though at the time I thought if I didnt put a professional front on it might drive potential customers away) though I have since realised that you really only want to work with people that get you and your photography, so really in that sense I dont have anything to loose.
Although I have links in various places it is not easy or obvious how to get to the other areas of my social media sites, such as FB, Twitter etc.

Finally after looking at her amazing and interactive site again, I realised that one of the most important things was not standing out and jumping up and down for attention. The get in contact and have a chat area. So now I am getting a much clearer idea in my head of where I want my photography to go, I need to go back and start having another rethink of how I am going to be portraying myself on line. Does the site I use have limitations in the design that will hamper my ideas? Have I not got to grips with all that the web can offer, and  taken the time to learn a bit more about HTML so I can make it all look lovely?

As my yearly website subscription is about to come up for renewal now is the time to have a spring clean and take a fresh look, and a good time to start finalising down the services that I want to offer and the images on my site, so that it is obvious at a glance what I offer. With a new business name in mind to show the changes it might even be time to start again. Though to be honest having put so much time and effort into my site, and the images, and the keywording, and learning how to read my Google Analytics page, and FINALLY started to see Asmartartz Photography showing at the top of Google under the correct searches, I have to be sure that I want to throw that all away and start again, or whether a tweak here and there will be  all that is needed.
Anyway thought I would just get that off my chest.
If you have any thoughts on how you would like to see my site evolve, what you would be interested in reading about on the Blog, or just want to say hi please get in contact or leave your comments below.
Cheery byes!