Getting in organised for 2015, it's time to kick some arse!

As 2014 is swiftly disappearing into dark evenings and wrapping paper it is time that many handmade crafty businesses are getting ready for 2015, to try and make it their best year yet.

I am tentatively joining the ranks as I have had a year of hibernation and spent much of it  pondering what I want from life and feel I am ready to stretch my creative wings again.

All over the country business plans are being made, financial goals agreed, check lists created and new stock arranged; so if you are also busy making to-do lists, check out my list of resources below to keep you motivated and raring to go!

I love the idea of making to do lists and drawing up pretty check lists and buying new notebooks to write plans in, and have loads of ideas of all the things that I can do, but never quite seem to make it happen. Great at the planning but not so much at the action bit!
So this year I thought I would kick my arse into gear and make a commitment, and having read all the information am feeling more positive that I can do it this time. *yeah you can. Whoooo!*

One article I am devouring and am religiously following is the Business Bakery's 2015 business goals. I have decided on my one BIG goal (I think!) and am doing my themes for this at the moment.

Happy preparing! Enjoy reading and if you have your own process, or a great way of making plans and organising yourself that works for you, please share it here with us! Most of need all the help we can get!

Setting your goals:

Inspiration to keep your creative levels up

Sum it up with some nice graphics

Have a great New Year, and here is to your first sale of 2015!