slacking off

Here i was all keen this morning at 7.00 to try and get another entry online, and some more photos up, so i popped two memory sticks of images into my bag before i set off for work today. Telling myself that i would do it in my lunch hour and then i would have played catch up a little. Well it is lunchtime and i have a blinding headache, and am hiding in an old unused office room just to get some peace and quiet, and the images are still on the memory stick in my back next door. it has been such a manic day at work that i just cant bear the thought of spending too much time online on my time off. this is just a quick one to say that with me being back in my own office tomorrow i should hopefully have the chance to get some images up. i have gone through and selected some seasonal one for the time of year.
just as well i have some bits to do tomorrow as from all accounts we will all be deeply snowed in by tomorrow... hmmm i am not sure yet, but our journey down the the Sussex coast over the Christmas period does have a question mark over it. we are in true British style going off for some panic buying shopping tonight to stock up on long life milk (i drink soya so I am pretty stocked up already) and ingredients so we can make our own bread, though maybe stocking up the freezer in case we have to improvise our own Christmas lunch and boxing day dinner may be a plan!
Have a good day
Always Asmartartz